Welcome to Caricatures by Lindsay! Preston Lindsay's caricatures are high quality, custom cartoon portraits. He's a caricaturist with a unique, upbeat style, and obtains an uncanny likeness! He's also an an artist who pays great attention to detail, and creates winning illustrations everytime! Drawn from your photographs, a caricature face drawing is the perfect gift idea for: friends, co-workers, children, birthday presents, Christmas, etc. Caricature portraits are also ideal for retirement boards, sign in boards, just married signs and are great attention getters for advertising, logos, and trademarks! Realtors, Podiatrists, Dentists, people of many professions love to use their "face drawing logo" in their advertising and promotion! Planning a party? "quickie" Caricatures Sketches by are terrific entertainment and make great souvenirs! Quickly drawn caricature sketches make any occasion special and fun, including: birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, conventions, weddings, and Bar Mitzvahs. Preston Lindsay creates his caricatures in Atlanta, GA USA... but his artwork is mailed worldwide! ... So come on in, and browse the galleries of caricature portraits, and... "Put On A Happy Face!"

*Note: "CARICATURE" is often referred to or mispelled as: a funny picture, a face portrait, face painting, face sketch, a characturist, charactertures, charactures, characters, and cartoon sketch.
The correct spelling is C-A-R-I-C-A-T-U-R-E



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