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Welcome to Caricatures by Lindsay!

Unique, Personalized and Humorous Cartoon Portraits

Preston Lindsay has been “Caricaturing” delighted recipients for over 30 years! With his originality and humorous flair, he achieves an uncanny likeness of his subjects every time! He has worked for many top corporations, such as: GM, Ford Motor, Chrysler Group, McDonald's Corporation, Coca-Cola Corporation, State of Michigan, University of Michigan, Kellogg Company, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, City of Atlanta, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, AT&T, Verizon, Georgia Pacific, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and many more. Preston Lindsay is Located in Atlanta, and commissioned worldwide!

CARICATURES are the “Hit of the Party!”

Planning a Party, or scheduling an Event? Your guests will be delighted when they receive their “on-the-spot,” Quickly Drawn Caricature by Preston Lindsay! Party-goers are amazed as they watch these humorous, yet “good natured” cartoon-portraits take form in just mere minutes! Caricatures make for “Live” Entertainment, as well as cherished souvenirs. At Trade Shows and Conventions, your booth will be packed with attendees waiting for a personalized Caricature by Lindsay. Whether it be a: Reunion, School Event, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Holiday Party, Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, or Sweet 16... Caricatures by Lindsay are great icebreakers, and will add Big Fun to your next occasion!

CARICATURES, a one-of-a-kind Gift!

Caricatures are unique and personalized gifts for Friends, Family, Clients, Co-workers, Employees, Bosses, and Special Customers. A Caricature is a humorous gift of art, and is perfect for the person who has EVERYTHING! From the photos which you provide (via email), Preston Lindsay will capture the subject's essence, and humorously depict him/her in their: favorite hobby, job, sport, fantasy, boat, car, home, or with job, on vacation, with pets, or in any funny situation. Caricature Illustrations are available in Full Color or Black & White, and in a variety of sizes. Caricatures make great Holiday Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Achievement Awards, Wedding “Sign-In Posters,” Retirement Gifts, or a gift of Appreciation. Use a digital copy for Face Book, Blogs, Screen savers, Personal Websites, or other Social Media.

Attention Getters for Marketing!

Caricatures and Cartoons
drawn by Preston Lindsay will help you stand out from the crowd, for any type of Advertising and Marketing. Artwork can be custom created for: Web Sites, Print Ads, Book Illustrations, Logos, Letterheads, Postcards, Brochures, Signs, Packaging, Appointment Reminders, and Thank You Cards. Your Caricature on a Business Card helps personalize you and your business, and gives the impression of warmth and approachability. Ideal for Dentists, Orthodontists, Pediatrician, Realtors, Auto Dealers, or any person in a service business. At Events, your artwork can be pre-printed on “Give-Aways” such as: Tee-Shirts, Neckties, Frisbees, Mugs or Folders. Caricatures and Cartoon Characters, created for a special promotions are great attention getters!